Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Energy efficiency and indoor air quality are both desirable features in a home. Energy efficiency creates a healthier environment for your family. 

HVAC systems account or the largest share of energy consumption in most residential homes. In addition, indoor air quality is strongly dependent on HVAC performance. This means a good HVAC design is fundamental to achieve both energy efficiency and IAQ in your home.


Although IAQ does not impact your homes efficiency so much on the money side it makes all the difference in the homes ability to produce and maintain safe and clean air. Home builders have to meet certain codes which ensure that the home is safe to live in but there is A TON of room for improving the quality of air you breathe above and beyond these codes.

Keep Your AC Running All Summer Long

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Arizona is known for it's extremely hot summers but it can also get chilly during the Winter months. Straight Forward Comfort technicians are trained to handle both heating and cooling, so we can keep you warm as well as cool.


On average, an A/C unit only lasts 15 years. Let us keep you comfortable and safe all year long and especially during our hot summer months in Arizona. When it’s time for you to buy a new air conditioning unit, Straight Forward Comfort will provide you with fast, efficient, and affordable service.

Home Efficiency

Is your HVAC system not working or performing below your standards? Straight Forward Comfort has technicians ready to get you back to 100%!!


Keeping your heating & air conditioning systems healthy is important to avoid major problems & disruptions. Our scheduled maintenance visits ensure your systems will last long and perform optimally.