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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How often should I change my filter?

We recommend changing your filter every 30 days, this is especially important during the heat of the summer when your unit is running the most.

How often should I have it serviced?

We highly recommend servicing your unit twice yearly, spring and fall. (Most manufacturers require at least once per year when under manufacturer’s warranty

What should I keep my temp at?

This is completely your decision, every home is different. You should set the temperature where you are comfortable. The most common temperatures we see during the summer time is 78*-80*.

Why is my unit so loud?

This can be caused by many different issues. Anything from a catastrophic failure such as a compressor failing, to just normal wear as the unit ages. If you’re experiencing unusual noise issues we highly recommend setting up a service call ASAP so we can diagnose the problem.

Why is my bill so high?

High electricity bills can be very stressful and sometimes completely overwhelming! Unfortunately this problem doesn’t have a simple answer, there are MANY issues that can cause this, here are a few of the most common electricity guzzlers: dirty filter(s), dirty coils, leaky ductwork, insufficient attic insulation, low refrigerant (freon), short cycling (short cycling is when a unit cools the home too fast tricking the thermostat into thinking the home has reached the desired temperature an shutting down but the comfort has not actually penetrated the home. Short cycling is usually due to improper sizing of the unit.)

Why are some rooms hot/ cold?

Hot/Cold spots can be caused by leaky ducts, attic insulation not properly installed or tampered with and not properly put back, lack of return air (you can put as much cold air in a room as you want but if the unit can not get the hot air out it will never cool evenly.) We offer a free comfort analysis in which we will pinpoint the problem and give you every solution to get your home comfortable!

Why is my house humid/ muggy?

If your home is feeling muggy/humid all the time there is obviously a problem, usually this is caused by low refrigerant. But if it is monsoon season and the humidity outside is high this can cause the inside of your home to feel slightly more humid than normal. This can be normal as AC units can only remove so much moisture.

How old is my unit?

The serial number on your units label will tell you the age, but it’s not always easy to find! The majority of units will be the 3rd and 4th numbers in the serial number (ex: 0310****** is a 2010) if you have a GOODMAN brand unit it is the 1st and 2nd numbers (same ex: 0310****** would be a 2003) older units however can be extremely confusing and difficult to read and decode. If you cannot figure it out we are always here to help!

How much does it cost to replace my unit?

This is a very difficult question to give an answer to without seeing the job. We are the most transparent company you will probably EVER do business with and we would love to give you an answer over the phone, but there are way too many variables! Give us a call for a free estimate!

Why is my house so dusty?

We live in a giant dust bowl here in the valley, so you really cannot ever get rid of dust completely, but you can tell if the dust is way past normal! If you feel this is the case the only way to check for leaks the right way is to have a professional come out and complete a duct test. Give us a call if this is an issue you’re currently having and we will gladly help you fix this problem!

Can I control my stat with my phone?

In order to control your thermostat from your phone you must have a WiFi capable thermostat. Most of these thermostats also require a downloadable app to download onto your smartphone or tablet and create an account.

How do I clean my duct/ do I need to, are they leaking?

Cleaning your ductwork has many options as well. But before you have your ductwork cleaned you should have your duct system inspected for leaks as this is what causes your ducts to get dirty in the first place. Making sure your ducts aren’t leaking, or if they are getting them sealed, is very important before getting them cleaned!